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It's free, Swagbucks is free and this is real! I just want to dedicate this site to helping those in need of earning some more swagbucks. Whether you're a veteran earner, or just starting out, I'm sure there is something you can add to your sb earning arsenal. I'm a earner myself, and that is thanks to the help of many wise swaggers who've shared their secrets with me. Now, I share it with you.

Real pictures.
(address crossed out for obvious reasons)

Not my best prize, but it's a shirt I redeemed for about 800 swagbucks, you can see that it wasn't very cheap.

(edit: the shirt you see in the picture is actually the old one! But I also have the new one :P)

So if you're interested in learning how to make some swagbucks, you can start by sign up using the bottom link.

Good luck, I hope my tips and tricks will help you along the way!

Earned Starcraft 2 Through Swagbucks :)

yea, this is how I got my Starcraft 2. So yea, sign up under me? I'll teach you how make lots of swagbucks? :)

^ Sooo anyways, I'm off to enjoy my Starcraft 2 ;)
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Convinced yet?

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